Partners in Peace

As a part of our commitment to making our world a better place, From War to Peace is honored to donate a minimum of 20% of its profits to peace and social justice organizations committed to transforming our world.

In some circumstances From War To Peace performs special projects for its Partners in Peace, casting peace prizes or other unique pieces. We cast both the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Sean MacBride Peace Prize from Peace Bronze, for example, prizes awarded respectively by Promoting Enduring Peace and the International Peace Bureau.

We have chosen a number of organizations as recipients of these funds and resources, organizations with a proven track record of making a difference in our world.

Veterans for Peace, St. Louis, Missouri, USA: Veterans for Peace is a nationwide American organization made up of former soldiers, many of whom have experienced the horrors of war. Their experiences have convinced them that working for peace is the only sensible approach to creating a better world.

Promoting Enduring Peace, New Haven, Connecticut, USA: PEP, a Quaker-based organization, is dedicated to building bridges between our war torn world and a future built upon the foundations of education, environmental stewardship and peaceful action. They award the Gandhi Peace Prize annually, and produce a wonderful peace-themed newsletter available free of charge through

International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland: the IPB, founded in 1892, is our world's oldest international peace organization. It is an umbrella group that represents over 300 individual member organizations in 70 different countries around our world. A former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the IPB works tirelessly to create a more peaceful world.

Homeboy Industries, Los Angeles, California, USA: Their motto: nothing stops a bullet like a job. Homeboy Industries assists at-risk and formerly gang-involved youth to become positive and contributing members of society through job placement, training and education. Homeboy is a truly transformational organization.

Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Fund, Urbana, Illinois, USA: Each year in Urbana, Ohio, hundreds of people, male and female, young and old, open up their hearts, strap on their running shoes, and join with joy in the Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Run. They run or walk towards a future full of less fear and more hope, less war and more peace, less hate and more love.

The Peace Fund was created in memory of Alicia Titus by her parents Bev and John. Alicia was a flight attendant on one of the United Airlines flights that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Alicia once wrote that her recipe for happiness was "an infinite amount of love to give and receive freely." At Alicia's Memorial Service in 2001 her father John said of her: “She totally opposed violence, hate, prejudice, killing or any unkind act against another living thing.” And in the wondrous spirit of their daughter John and Bev Titus choose to honor her life and her memory with an annual celebration of peace.

From War to Peace has also supported a number of other organizations in our three years of operation, among them Mothers for Peace, the National Peace Corps Association, and the Sierra Club.

If you are aware of an outstanding Non-Profit Organization that deserves our support, please tell us about them with a nomination using our Contact Us page.