Delicate Triquetra Trinity Knot Peace Bronze Earrings on French Hooks

The Triquetra is an ancient symbol representing Earth, Sky and Sea. In the Christian tradition it has come to celebrate the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In modern times it has also come to represent the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. 

  • Measures 1 " by 7/8" and weighs 1 gram
  • Measures 3/4" diameter and weighs 4 grams
  • Cast From Disarmed and Recycled Nuclear Weapon Systems
  • Our packaging is created from exclusively recycled and biodegradable materials.
  • Made in the USA
  • 20% of Proceeds Support Non-profit organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and the Peace Corps
  • From Swords Into Plowshares; War into Peace

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