Hokusai Wave Oval Dark Red Enamel Pendant Necklace on Adjustable Natural Fiber Cord

An oceanic symbol of peace, the wave was often portrayed by the wonderful Japanese artist Hokusai. The movement of ocean waves also represents the Buddhist journey from illusion to enlightenment. And every surfer understands that a perfect wave takes us on a ride to nirvana.

  • Our adjustable natural fiber cords can be adjusted from approximately 16-30” in length. They are made of high-quality, eco-friendly, animal-friendly waxed cotton. They are manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Handcrafted from disarmed & recycled American Weapons of War
  • 20% of From War to Peace profits are dedicated to peace and social justice organizations committed to transforming our world.
  • Our packaging is created using recycled and biodegradable materials.
  • Pendant measures 1" x 3/4" and weighs 4 grams.

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