An Attitude of Gratitude

What is the difference between gratitude and entitlement, and how do we benefit from the former?  Social support may sound like something we receive, but studies are increasingly suggesting the most significant health benefits may come from providing support to others, rather than receiving it.  Helping others allows us to play meaningful roles that often nurture both self-esteem and purpose of life, which in turn can enhance mental and physical health.  In short, doing good feels good.  So dig in, peace lovers!  With so many people in need, your next big ego-boost is right around the corner. 

But what about our holiday sale!!!

As the tastiest of holidays descends upon us this year, FWTP is throwing all kinds of extra value into your shopping cart.  Tomorrow till Wednesday, all orders receive free shipping, as well as a beautiful complimentary Hand-Hammered Peace Symbol necklace along with any purchase of 3 or more items.